Te Reo Māori will be a strong and vibrant language used in Aotearoa New Zealand by both Māori and non-Māori in their everyday life.


In past years there have been two main challenges to having te reo taught in our mainstream schools.  The first was the lack of resources. Now we have many to choose from – books, CDs, DVDs and a range of online inter-active programmes.

The second challenge and by far the most significant was the fact that there were not enough qualified teachers to go into our mainstream schools who could speak and teach te reo.  Putting a language assistant (kaiawhina reo) in front of the class to work alongside the class teacher addresses this problem.

The class teacher stays in the classroom the whole time to manage class behaviour while the te reo language assistant (kaiawhina reo) delivers the lesson in te reo.  Both the children and the teachers are learning te reo.  This builds capacity for the school creating a win-win-win situation.

Where will we find these (kaiawhina reo) te reo language assistants?

As we are discovering there are many competent te reo speakers hidden away in our communities they range from native speakers, fluent speakers to those who have participated in Te Ataarangi and have reached a competent, certified level.

The other significant development that is starting to emerge with this programme is that it is attracting the younger adult Māori (male and female) in their early to late twenties from our communities who are approaching us to be kaiawhina reo.  They are proving to have the X-factor, the WOW factor and everything in between to get our tamariki excited and engaged in the learning of te reo.