Our Programmes

In past years there have been two main challenges to having te reo taught in our mainstream schools.  The first was the lack of resources. Now we are spoilt for choice!  We have many to choose from – books, CDs, DVDs and a range of online inter-active programmes.

The second challenge (and by far the most significant) was the fact that there were not enough qualified teachers to go into our mainstream schools who could speak and teach te reo – confidently and competently.  Putting a language tutor  (kaiāwhina reo) in front of the class to work alongside the class teacher addresses this problem.

The class teacher stays in the classroom the whole time to manage class behaviour while the te reo language tutor (kaiāwhina reo) delivers the lesson.  As the evaluation shows both the children and the teachers are learning te reo together to the point where most teachers feel they could run the programme themselves after a few years.  This builds capacity for the school creating a win-win-win situation.

Where do we find these Kaiāwhina Reo (language tutors)?

As we are discovering there are many competent te reo speakers hidden away in our communities.  They range from native speakers, fluent speakers to those who have participated in Te Ara Poutama, Te Ataarangi and other such te reo Māori courses and who have reached a competent, certified level.

The other significant development that is starting to emerge with this programme is that it is attracting the younger adult Māori (male and female) from our communities who are approaching us to be kaiāwhina reo.  These younger mature adults are proving to have the X-factor, the WOW factor and everything in between to get our tamariki excited and engaged in the learning of te reo.


Lessons revolve around themes such as Kai (Food), Ko Au (Myself), Taku Whānau (My Family), Taku Akomanga (My Classroom) to local stories from manawhenua we would like to include in our lessons.

Professional Development for Kaiāwhina Reo

Te Reo Tuatahi provides a full training programme for all new Kaiāwhina Reo which includes breaking down a Te Reo Māori unit lesson by lesson, to shadowing a senior kaiāwhina reo in a school for a day.

We also have professional development workshops each term.  This allows us to introduce new material for our lessons, the kaiāwhina reo to share effective and fun activities with each other including ways we can improve our programme.  As part of this process we welcome feedback from our schools on Te Reo Tuatahi so all of the above combined helps us provide a very grounded professional development workshop for our kaiāwhina reo.


The Kaiāwhina reo is paid directly by the school for the hours they do.

The other cost involved to run Te Reo Tuatahi is an annual administration which is paid at the beginning of the programme.

The administration covers:

  • Provision of a high quality tutor for students; police vetting, appointment, training, supervision, ongoing professional development, translation support, personalising programme to school context, performance management and relief cover if needed. It also covers the use of our high quality resources.
  • Research and evaluation of the programme to demonstrate efficacy, ensure ongoing provision of high quality delivery and to provide data for the purpose of securing funding.
  • Provision of quality resources and improvements to the programme based on the research and evaluation
  • For more details and information on Fees please Contact Us.

Professional Development for Teachers

Te Reo Tuatahi provides PD classes on te reo Māori focussing on the use of te reo in classrooms and cultural connection within our school environment.  How do we increase and use te reo Māori spoken in our classroom with confidence? How do we promote cultural awareness and values in our multi-ethnic environments and a safe and enriching way.

We cover essential knowledge of pronunciation, tikanga and introduction.
We go through most parts of the lessons in greater detail.

The sessions are designed to fit into a term – 8 to 10 weeks.  Each session begins at 3.45pm to 4pm to give teachers time to travel from their school to the school hosting the training.

Te Reo Whānau

Te Reo Whānau is hosted by the School who ask parents to participate in a weekly te reo session after school.  This is to encourage parents to speak te reo with their children at home. The sessions are the same as those their children receive at school with a few extra phrases and words that can be practiced and used confidently at home.

Each school has their own facebook page where whānau can upload their video of these small sessions with their children if they wish to do so.

The biggest challenge for the survival of te reo is to get it into the home hence our keenness to get parents to join in and support their children’s learning.

For Organisations

Te Reo Tuatahi aims to give the best Māori language experiences in the world.

Our courses are for anyone who believes Te Reo is part of their heritage, wants to pronounce it with confidence, speak it proudly, sing it loudly, understand the tikanga that lies beneath it and connect more closely to those whose ancestors knew no other.  

Each session to endure in the memory must be meaningful, enjoyable and useful and we now have enough experience to ensure they are.

Our Programme

Te Reo Tuatahi for organisations is flexible. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Any song or haka that needs to be learnt. A strategic issue considered, we will fit it in.

Nevertheless, we have to cover off some basics : mihimihi (introducing oneself), loads of singing, loads of pronunciation, karakia (prayers), pepeha, whakapapa (ancestral connections),numbers, colours, space and time, loads of conversational practice, meeting with Māori influencers and the using Te Reo during the banality of everyday life. These are conversations around the normal activities of one’s day, cooking, cleaning, children, travelling, eating, thinking, discussing, making policy, learning all the while becoming a more prescient New Zealander.

What you will learn : You will :

  • Be confident in your pronunciation
  • Be able to introduce yourself formally into a Māori setting
  • Be able to welcome anyone into your office and home
  • Open and close meetings with a karakia
  • Understand and use common phrases
  • Be able to ask Questions
  • Put basic sentences together
  • Understand the centrality of whakapapa to the Māori World
  • Understand the role of Tikanga in the Māori World
  • Confidently lead a party onto a marae
  • Confidently sing four iconic waiata and perform two iconic haka
  • Confidently sing two iconic himene
  • Be comfortable with and have met key influencers from the mana whenua
  • Have been presented to and held discussions with key Māori influencers at a minimum of five sessions
  • Have a greater understanding of Māori iwi and hapū groupings
  • Be able to read stories to and teach basic reo and waiata to a child
  • Be able to pass on your knowledge to your family
  • Be inspired to go further on your Reo Journey
  • Optionally complete course with a stay on a marae (additional costs involved)

Our course runs for 40 weeks of the year. Each session is in part repeated several times allowing for those who need to come and go to catch up.