Te Reo Tuatahi is an excellent initiative and we at St Joseph’s are delighted and privileged to be part of this project.  We now have the beginnings of a model which may make a difference in terms of ensuring the growth in knowledge and use of Te Reo in schools in Aotearoa – Philomena O’Connell-Cooper, Principal, St Josephs

Each lesson the te reo language assistant (kaiawhina reo) reinforces the work she has done the previous week and adds to it.  The children receive lots of praise for their efforts. She provides lesson plans for the teachers to reinforce the work between lessons.  I can recommend this programme to any school – Carol Abley, Principal, Stanmore Bay Primary

Lessons proceed at a good steady pace. Children are always focused and engaged . All have big smiles on their faces. Our te reo language assistant (kaiawhina reo) willingly shares his Te Reo knowledge with staff as needed translation and pronunciation. If we had the money we would ensure every class had this once a week – Christine Wargent, Principal, Marlborough Primary